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Experience Akwesasne

Akwesasne Homeland: New York, Manitoba, Quebec

Akwesashró:non (the Mohawk people who identify this place as their homeland) seek cultural revitalization through many forms. One of those forms is cultural heritage tourism based on authentic engagement by both visitors and Akwesashró:non with the proud history, traditions, and arts of the people. Akwesasne leadership understood that clarity on the messaging was fundamental to building a successful program. "What are we trying to accomplish?" and "what do we want people to feel and understand?" come before developing a cultural center or marketing a program.

Through stakeholder and public engagement, we developed goals, audience profiles, and a core theme and subthemes. These led to recommendations of experience types and infrastructure needs that they continue to implement.

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106 Group

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Experience Akwesasne

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