George & Chloe Daniels

Hastings, MN

The Dakota County Historical Society brought our team on board to update its nearly 20 year-old exhibit about George Daniels at the LeDuc Historic Estate. Mr. Daniels lived for a time in the hired hand's quarters, soon after he freed himself from slavery in Georgia and joined the Union army. At the time the previous exhibit was created, that was almost all that was known and all it could say.

Working with staff, stakeholders, and historians, we developed a concept that expands the story to include his wife, their children, descendants, the historical Black community of Hastings, and the larger African American presence in rural Minnesota. The Big Idea: "The lives of George and Chloe Daniels reveal that the Black experience in Minnesota is long-standing, ongoing, and essential to understanding the shared history of all Minnesotans."

The Amplifier team is once again working with the community to bring this concept to full fruition.


106 Group, Seitu Jones Studio

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