About Amplifier

Amplifier helps communities recover, reclaim, restore, and reveal their stories—their history, heritage, culture, and identity—on their own terms. 

Standard Services

We work with you to strategize your public purpose, audiences, and message. We help design ways for people to engage with your story. We support your success with additional wrap-around services.

The details of exactly what best fits your project we can figure out together. Amplifier will adapt to your needs. In terms of standard terminology and products, we begin with these:
We support these core services with the help of trusted partners providing cultural resource surveys and documentation, collections management support, cultural tourism planning, oral and video histories, fundraising strategies, and curriculum development.

Who We Work For

We serve communities directly and through existing museums, parks, agencies, planners, architects, and landscape architects.

How We Work

Community-driven projects require skills and processes above and beyond standard best practices in the field. We built Amplifier for exactly this, with caring, curiosity, humility, and servant leadership as core values and ingrained traits on top of exceptional awareness, creativity, and effectiveness.